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Social work Assignment, UCT, South Africa. This is an argumentative essay on baby hatches The assignment question gives you an explanation of a baby hatch

University University of Cape Town (UCT)
Subject Social work

Understanding the topic

– This is an argumentative essay on baby hatches. The assignment question gives you an explanation of a baby hatch.  It is important that you understand what it is before you begin to write the essay.

There are two viewpoint

i) Opponents (those who are against): they argue that baby hatches are not good a good idea as it is seen as an easy way out of parenthood and may lead to human trafficking, etc

ii) Proponents (those who are in favor): they support baby hatches and are of the view that more baby hatches should be made available in South Africa. Their argument, amongst others, is that baby hatches will give unwanted babies a chance of survival.

– Please note that there are many more opponents and proponents’ views on baby hatches.  Only a few are listed above and in the essay question.  You are not restricted to using only what is given to you.  You may discuss any other viewpoint that is relevant.

– The question you have to address is whether baby hatches should not exist in South Africa (SA).  This means that baby hatches are already in existence in SA. Think about whether you share the view of the opponents or the proponents?

– Before you begin writing you should know what your view is.  This view is referred to as your claim.  For the sake of the essay, you must pick aside.

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Body of the Essay

– You are required to have two body paragraphs.   A paragraph is generally between 10 to 12 lines (NB: lines are not the same as sentences. A paragraph can be 12 lines long but only have three sentences, for instance. The paragraph you are currently reading is four lines long and consists of four sentences).

– Each paragraph should have a sub-claim. Think of your sub-claim as a reason in support of your argument.

– The sub-claim must be developed further by providing an explanation or elaboration of the sub-claim. This means conducting research to support your point of view.

– Once you have provided sufficient support for your sub-claim you can then provide a counter-claim (think of how someone else could oppose your view and how you would counteract what they say).  The counter-claim should be refuted or conceded. Having a counter-claim is your way of engaging with what the opposition would say and using that to strengthen your claim.

– It is always advisable to end your paragraph by reinforcing your sub-claim and/or claim. Or, as we like to think of it, the ‘therefore’ sentence 😊 ‘Therefore, because of sub-claim, the claim’

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