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August 18, 2023

Referencing Rubric Providing evidence based on valid and referenced academic sources is a fundamental educational principle and the cornerstone of high-quality academic work. Hence, The IIE considers it essential to develop the referencing skills of our students in our commitment to achieving high academic standards. Part of achieving these high st...

November 29, 2023

Argumentative Essay ‘Baby hatches’ are places where people can drop off unwanted babies, instead of abandoning them outside. There are a few places in South Africa that have baby hatches. Some people feel that these baby hatches are a good idea, as it will ensure the survival of the baby and will mean that the baby will be taken care o...

August 18, 2023

Understanding the topic - This is an argumentative essay on baby hatches. The assignment question gives you an explanation of a baby hatch.  It is important that you understand what it is before you begin to write the essay.There are two viewpoints: i) Opponents (those who are against): they argue that baby hatches are not good a good ide...

November 29, 2023

Question 1 Discuss the justifications for the implementation of Structural Adjustment Programs in Ghana and Zambia? Question 2 Discuss the impact of Structural Adjustment Programs reform measures on the social and economic well-being of Ghana and Zambia? cta_question_2

November 30, 2023

Write an argumentative essay in which you discuss three ways in which education could make a meaningful contribution to addressing societal inequality through 4IR. Your essay should include a personal example. Your essay should: Contain a compelling counterargument and a well-reasoned refutation Be at least four pages in length. Be well structured...

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