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August 18, 2023

Essay on social media The government should introduce laws to ensure that more can be done to censor both content and individuals on social media, particularly in cases that incite any form of discrimination or involve cyberbullying cta_question_3

August 18, 2023

Learning Outcomes Understand the social theory of gender, the hierarchy of gender roles, and other intersections in how they contribute to the attainment of equity. Recognize that gender is a vulnerability and an integral element in successfully addressing HIV/AIDs in SubSaharan Africa. Ensure that human rights and gender equality are a central pa...

November 29, 2023

Question 1 Discuss the justifications for the implementation of Structural Adjustment Programs in Ghana and Zambia? Question 2 Discuss the impact of Structural Adjustment Programs reform measures on the social and economic well-being of Ghana and Zambia? cta_question_2

November 30, 2023

Write an argumentative essay in which you discuss three ways in which education could make a meaningful contribution to addressing societal inequality through 4IR. Your essay should include a personal example. Your essay should: Contain a compelling counterargument and a well-reasoned refutation Be at least four pages in length. Be well structured...

November 29, 2023

Question Charles Verstappen is the current CEO of Safety Net, a rapidly growing insurance company based in South Africa. The insurance company ran for 20 years under the name Lexis Insurance. However, the previous CEO was imprisoned for fraud, and the company rebranded itself as Safety Net. Following the rebrand, the company implemented sophistica...

August 18, 2023

Question 1  Explain the difference between practical and scientific reception and give an example of each from South African legal history. Question 2  Read the following statement and answer the question that follows: “Due to its nature, the study and teaching of indigenous African law present certain challenges.” Discuss thi...

August 18, 2023

Scenario: You are the Business Development Executive of Every shop, the online shopping platform which has recently been launched, offering South African consumers technology products, computers, appliances, and other products from many well-known brands. Every shop is part of the JD Group and has ties to both Hi-Fi Corporation and Incredible ...

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